Pokémon Prime

The adventure begins...

You awake one morning in your house in Seedyside, the small farming village located near the rocky cliffs of east Akasha. A new Pokemon laboratory has just opened its doors in town, just down the path from your house. You heard that they’d be giving away new Pokemon recently discovered by the PAN Corporation, who oversees all things Pokemon in Akasha. Excited, you hurry out of bed, grab your bag, and head down to the laboratory.

The laboratory is about as large as a typical house in Seedyside, though its modern appearance makes a stark contrast with the otherwise rural setting. The letters above the door reads: PAN Labs. Several people are exiting the sleek building, handling shiny new Pokeballs.

You step inside the glass doors to see all types of hydroponic plants growing in rows, with electrical machines measuring each specimen. A harried woman with a grey afro and a white lab coat rushes around from station to station, her hands full of documents.

You approach the woman, who happily regards you, yet her focus is elsewhere.

“Hi there! Excuse me, but could you hold this for a moment?” she asks, shoving a paper into your hands while she runs into a back room.



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